Companies must adhere to all applicable laws, regulations, and standards, as well as internal policies and procedures. Internal Auditors can be prone to skewing their audits, resulting in a bias. Furthermore, an external Audit is highly recommended.
We engage high caliber Chief Compliance Officers (C.C.O.'s) and Series 27 licensed consultants to reduce the chances of any prejudice or favoritism in decision-making processes. IFRS and GAAP rules are utilized to govern audits.

Training & Development

Proper training and development programs give employees the skills they need to succeed and help them reach their full potential within your organization. Through these initiatives, cost savings can be realized as well.

Human Resources

Our human resources services include staffing, recruitment and onboarding of new employees. We provide a comprehensive suite of services to ensure that your organization is able to acquire the right talent for the right positions at the right time. Our recruitment teams are comprised of experts in the areas of talent acquisition, compensation and benefits, skills assessment, Staff Augmentation and onboarding.

Site Development

We navigate comprehensive design and permit processes for all outdoor structures. This involves any necessary removals, grading, drainage systems (including sanitary sewer and storm sewer), access points, paving, parking lot construction, and utility connections such as water, electricity or gas.

Workforce Development

We create successful training courses, so organizations can plan ahead to ensure they are creating an effective educational experience. We leverage our relationships with Unions, training organizations, and employee resource groups to create workforce development courses that can be used for years to come.

Real Estate Development

We focus on the process of creating and improving land and buildings to increase their value. It encompasses activities such as land acquisition, site selection, zoning and permitting, designing, building, marketing, finance and investment, managing construction projects and operability of the completed project.

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