What We Do

How Do We Do, What We Do?

Leverage Economic Solutions provides a customized approach for businesses and organizations to serve the communities in which they exist. We provide and implement compliance protocols within the businesses we serve. In addition, our services keep businesses in compliance with stakeholders and funders.

Leverage Economic Solutions was founded with the idea of Public Service and Servant Leadership. Without understanding there is a duty to serve the communities in which you work, live and/or own a business, it is difficult to succeed. Every community has its own unique needs and when you understand what those needs are, it becomes easier to serve them by providing the necessary resources and services.

We conduct research and provide data to aid businesses in engaging the community while helping to sustain the community. Workforce Development Programs are used to engage communities and provide skills to communities that will make them sustainable. With sustainability, there is an immediate need for compliance.

We keep up to date with local, state, federal, and foreign policies to be sure our clients are the first to know of changes as it pertains to legislation and policy. We are a public engagement firm dedicated to helping organizations of all types engage with their community to help build stronger relationships and better outcomes.

We work with our clients to develop and implement economic and public engagement strategies which includes maintaining effective communication and outreach. We are a diverse and innovative company with a broad range of experience in public engagement and public relations, as well as in-depth knowledge of private and public sectors.

Meet Our Team

Gaylon A. Whitlock, MPM

Founding Partner
Gaylon A. Whitlock, MPM has over 10 years of experience in management consulting. He has worked with companies in various industries, including financial services, manufacturing, transportation, and technology. John has a degree in Master’s in Project Management from DeVry- Keller Graduate School of Management. He is known for his expertise in strategy development, organizational design, and change management.

Ashley L. Whitlock, MBA

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
With over a decade of experience in management consulting, Ashley has collaborated with businesses across various industries, including transportation, retail, financial services, and manufacturing. She holds an MBA from DeVry-Keller Graduate School of Management and is recognized for her proficiency in market research, project management, customer experience, and supply chain management.
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